• Are the mugs made with Vinyl?

    No. All mugs are created through a process called sublimation which transfers the image directly to the mug. This process leaves the image imbedded in the mug itself, you will not be able to feel the design as you can with vinyl.

  • Are there special care instructions?

    -For T-shirts, I would recommend washing them inside out.

    -For any products with Vinyl (aprons, pot holders and T-shirts), avoid ironing on-top or behind the image as this could damage the design.

    -For mugs, these are microwave safe as they are not made with vinyl. Placing mugs in the dishwasher could cause the image/design to fade, hand washing is recommended.

  • Is there a sizing chart?

    Please refer to the sizing chart when selecting a T-shirt size. Sizes may vary by 1/4 inch.